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School Events

  • Sat 29 Oct
    10:30 am - 4:15 pm

    The legendary Michael Oak Annual School Fair is happening on 29 Oct 2016.

    We present a wonderland of fabulous art and crafts, delicious foods, real music, and a variety of activities and entertainment to feed the senses and nourish the soul.

    There'll be an absolutely incredible array of hand crafts to delight in and purchase.

    There'll be fine teas and cakes, gourmet coffees and bagels, vegetarian deluxes, braai platters and quality wors (halaal too).

    There'll be a whole lot of funfair games, ghost house, fairy room, matchbox castle, obstacle course...plus sandpit treasures, henna painting..and more.

    There'll be cool and eclectic music on a couple of stages.

    A day of fun, fantasy and enjoyment to remember for the young, the less young and the old.

    Book the date. OK.

  • Mon 19 Sep - Sat 24 Sep
    7:00 pm

    Creative alchemy is brewing again in the cauldron of our hall. One by one the magical ingredients are configured: The fairy forest, the lights, the costumes, the music – and of course the most alchemical ingredient of all -- the enthusiasm, imagination and dedicated application of Class 9 and their directors. Yes, this potent brew is almost ready to share; and to transport you to fairly land…


    Come and share in this most delightful and hilarious of Shakespeare’s plays!

    ​Monday 19 Sept - Saturday 24 Sept  from 7pm - 10.30pm

    ​Tickets are R30 - available at the door

    ​Supper, treats and drinks on sale

    All are welcome!


    ​Do read our blog (in News & Events) for Nina Geraghty's "Thought's on the Shakespeare Play - Why it's not just a Show".

  • Sat 13 Aug
    7:00 pm

    Class 6 parents from Michael Oak Waldorf school in Kenilworth, in a fundraising drive for the school fair, are showcasing a plethora of young and talented students who will present an evening of music, song and dance on the 13th of August at 7pm.

    The show is titled #PlayitSingit. Come and be amazed at the level of sheer talent displayed by our students who, at Nikiwe's memorial, had their audience mesmerised and gobsmacked.

    There's even more this time around. The hall deserves to be full to the brim for this show so please all parents and particularly those belonging to the performers, kindly put your backs into spreading the word to family and friends that this will be a very special evening indeed.

    These young performers have the ability to move your heart and feed your mind and at just 50 bucks for entrance, it's a no-brainer.

    See you there!