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School Events
  • Fri 09 Jun - Sun 18 Jun
    7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

    In all Waldorf schools, one of the crowning achievements at the culmination of our Grade 12s Waldorf education is the Grade 12s Plays. It is an event where we can anticipate a display of dedication and talent and the beauty of excellence. As we reach for the pinnacle after the long climb; as curtain‐up is upon us, I can claim confidently, as a member of the production team, that these Class 12s have done it – that their newly‐found poise and 18‐year‐old maturity has brought forth a production that will truly delight and entertain and thoroughly impress with its excellence. They have materialized some wonderful theatre!

    These four plays are a demonstration of what their Waldorf education has wrought and, more importantly, shows us who they are becoming. And they are impressive….

    Due to copyright, entrance is by donation only.

    Blithe Spirit is a comic play by Noël Coward. The play concerns the socialite and novelist Charles Condomine, who invites the eccentric medium and clairvoyant, Madame Arcati, to his house to conduct a séance, hoping to gather material for his next book. The scheme backfires when he is haunted by the ghost of his annoying and temperamental first wife, Elvira, after the séance. Elvira makes continual attempts to disrupt Charles's marriage to his second wife, Ruth, who cannot see or hear the ghost.

    • Saturday 10 June 5pm - 7pm
    • Monday 12 June 7.30pm - 9.30pm
    • Friday 16 June 7.30pm - 9.30pm
    • Sunday 18 June 7.30pm - 9.30pm

    This play is suitable for all audiences although Parental Guidance is advised for younger audience members.


    The Marriage Proposal by Anton Chekhov, written in 1888-1889 and first performed in 1890. It is a fast-paced play of dialogue-based action and situational humour. It is a one-act farce set in rural Russia in the late 1800s that finds would-be lovers Ivan and Natalya arguing about a disputed piece of land between their properties and about whose hunting dog is superior. They stop fighting only long enough to get engaged.

    • Friday 9 June 7pm - 8pm
    • Sunday 11 June 6pm - 7pm
    • Wednesday 14 June 7pm - 8pm
    • Saturday 17 June 7pm - 8pm

    This play is suitable for all audiences.


    Agnes of God is a play by American playwright John Pielmeier which tells the story of a novice nun who gives birth and insists that the child was the result of a virgin conception. A psychiatrist and the mother superior of the convent clash during the resulting investigation.

    • Friday 9 June 8.30pm - 10pm
    • Sunday 11 June 7.45pm - 9.30pm
    • Wednesday 14 June 8.20pm - 9.45pm
    • Saturday 17 June 8.30pm - 10pm

    This play is not suitable for the Primary School 


    Deathtrap is a play written by Ira Levin in 1978 with many plot twists and which references itself as a play within a play. It is in two acts with one set and five characters. It holds the record for the longest running comedy-thriller on Broadway and was also nominated for the Tony Award for Best Play.

    • Saturday 10 June 7.45pm - 9.45pm
    • Tuesday 13 June 7.30pm - 9.30pm
    • Thursday 15 June 7.30pm - 9.30pm
    • Sunday 18 June 5pm - 7pm

    This play is not suitable for the Primary School.