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School Events
  • Thu 23 Jun
    7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

    Join us on this special evening when our Parzival initiates share their inspirations and discoveries.

    Parzival, a Grail Quest saga, written in the Middle Ages by Wolfram von Eschenbach, is a classic about finding one's destiny.

    This book has surprising relevance for the 17 year-old. As the students sense their own need to undertake their own life-tasks, responsibilities and destiny, Parzival echoes this search in his undertaking of a mighty and timeless quest. There is a high and noble adventure, with trials to be endured and achievement to be won by all who seek the Ideal. Parzival discovers the need for sacrifice and the placing of his talents in the service of others. The Grade 11 students, endowed with budding idealism, are “ideally” suited to appreciate what Parzival must go through.

    This main lesson is accompanied by a camp experience where the students, as a group, set out on an adventure quest of their own, involving a long and challenging journey. Join us on Thursday when our students will share their experiences.