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School Events

  • Wed 25 Nov - Sat 28 Nov


    In the same way the Ancient Greeks stood at the bright dawn of Western civilization, so also the Class 10’s stand at the awakening of their adult awareness and understanding.

    Thus it is appropriate that the 16-year-old at school should be immersed in ancient history and philosophy and investigates the origins of literature and drama. In this context a Waldorf curriculum also calls for the performance of a Greek tragedy in which the human condition and its attendant suffering can be explored.

    This year’s play The Bacchae by Euripides is an accessible, entertaining and hard-hitting drama that will have you spellbound – aided by the superb commitment and acting of Class 10, and the haunting attendant music and song performed by Nicola Christodoulides, and Omri Scannell.

    Please note that the mature nature of the play is not suited for young children. Only Class 6 and older should attend.

    THE BACCHAE by Euripides
    This two-and-a-half thousand year old Greek tragedy explores the irrational side of human nature within the age-old story of the incarnation of a God.
    It is the electrifying, searing story of a city that is visited by the wrath of the Gods.

    Don’t miss this mature and accomplished work performed by Class 10. You will be riveted…

  • Thu 19 Nov
    7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

    Please join us on Thursday 19th November as we celebrate the Class 11 Eurythmy performances.

  • Sat 31 Oct
    11:00 am - 4:00 pm

    The amazing, fantastic and fabulous Michael Oak Annual Fair happens this year on 31 October.

    The 2015 theme is  ! CARNIVAL  !  ---- and here's what we've got:

    A carnival procession to open, a wealth of amazing and fantastic craft wares on offer, a gourmet array of foods, an awesome line-up of bands, choirs and dance acts, plus tea gardens, coffee garden, a ghost house (yes - its halloween as well), face painting, mocktails, labyrinth, carnival games, old-style photo booths, candle-making, chocolate fountain, henna tattoos, fairy room, obstacle course...and other odd and curious events happening (mind the stiltwalkers please!).

    Oh - and there's also deli delights, henna tattoos, drum circle, a wonderful array of nursery plants for sale, the ever-popular book-market, and the fantastic artist's wall of very special works for our lottery draw.


    Featured acts:

    • Adamu and band - from Congo to Cape Town -  bewitching African folk rhythms.
    • Vocal Unity choral ensemble.
    • Frank Paco Art ensemble - world class musos providing world class vibes.
    • Manouche - infectious, eclectic, upbeat gypsy swing to round off the day.
    • Class 6-led carnival procession and opening.
    • Michael Oak choir.
    • Acoustic stage featuring Michael Oak High School artists and other acoustic acts.
    • Pop- up dance performances

    ..and lots of things happening generally that will surprise and delight you!


    See you there :)