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Sports Program


Here is the sports programme for the second term. Please study the options given and return the form by Friday 21st April. If children would like to try a new sport, they are welcome to attend any of the sports offered from the A programme (see schedule) during the first week of term for a trial run. It is helpful if you write down ALL the sports your child would like to try please.

TENNIS will only start on Tuesday 2 May due to Mike being away in the first week and the public holidays in the second week.

NETBALL coaching starts again this term and will include skills required for matches. It is played on Thursdays on the basketball court. In the third term there will be some friendly matches organised from Class 4 to 7.

SOCCER for the Class 5 to 7 boys and girls will take place on Wednesday’s on the fields at Wynberg Sports Club (corner of Rosmead and Wetton Road). Indemnity Forms (which are valid for the term) will be handed out once sport options have been chosen and are also always available from reception.

Parents are advised to organize a lift club system amongst themselves to the Wynberg Fields and to please make a concerted effort to collect promptly after the practice. If your child needs to get back to school for Aftercare, please contact me directly and I will see if I can help. There are already some friendly matches lined up, so it should be an exciting term of Waldorf soccer!

CROSS COUNTRY RUNNING is offered to children in Class 3 to 7 on a Friday afternoon. It is well organized and run by a group of schools at various locations. Please contact me directly for more details. In the past we have had a small group participating and the children have really had fun. The 2017 Race dates are up on the Sport noticeboard on the stoep.



1. If rain results in the cancellation of a sport practice, you will be informed as soon as possible via group SMS. Please collect your child at the normal school end times. The children will stay in their classrooms until they are collected. (If your phone does not accept a group SMS, please find a parent in the class who will forward it on to you.)

2. If it’s not pouring with rain, practice will continue. Any parent, who doesn’t want their child playing outside on a cold damp day, can come and collect them at the normal school-end time. This is your decision.

3. Tennis on a Monday is run by an outside company and played in Rondebosch. If they choose to cancel you will be sent an SMS and then must please collect your child at school end time as there are no coaches to watch or supervise them at school.

4. Aftercare offers a sports rate of R48 for 45 minutes, including a meal.

SPORTS UNIFORM The winter sports uniform comprises a blue or white compulsory Michael Oak sports t-shirt with a dark blue, white, grey, dark green or black top worn underneath, either white, navy blue, black or grey tracksuit pants or leggings and takkies or proper sports shoes. NO jerseys or Hoodies are allowed, if your child needs an additional layer a track suit top or sweat shirt is allowed. For soccer it is advisable to have shin guards and boots – but no one will be excluded if they do not.

All sport and extra-curricular murals start in the week of MONDAY 24 APRIL.

Contact Claudia McCaig for any enquiries

cmccaig@michaeloak.org.za    School: 021 797 9728 (11h30–14h30)    Cell: 072 201 5587



The Winter Sports programme offers the following:

MONDAY: SOCCER and ULTIMATE FRISBEE at Wynberg Sports Club. NETBALL, TABLE TENNIS and FUSION (a combination of Yoga, Pilates, Nia and Gyro-kinesis) at Michael Oak.


VOLLEYBALL: There are 15 places available for Volleyball this term, as we would like to get a team together to play matches! Only enthusiastic and committed players to apply.

Please note: Your child may do a Monday and/or Tuesday sport code at no extra cost.

TENNIS is at Wynberg Tennis Club on a Wednesday for R200 per term. This will be charged to your school fees. (It is normally R395 but the school will subsidise this).

An Indemnity Form needs to be completed for Soccer and Frisbee. This will allow your child to walk to the venue with a coach or High School teacher. These forms will be handed out once the options have been chosen, but it’s worth knowing that they are always available from reception. We encourage all parents to please collect their child from practice promptly at 16h00/16h15. In case of an emergency or by prior specific arrangement, a teacher will walk them back to school after the lesson.

In the interest of security and a smooth running programme, please advise your child to choose a sport and stick to it for the whole term – in other words, no swapping or changing allowed!


Sport is compulsory at Michael Oak High School. This means that your child has to choose a sport code on either Monday or Tuesday from the Winter Sports programme on offer. Anyone who wants to be exempt from sport has to write an explanatory letter to the College of Teachers. The matter will then be discussed and responded to within a week. Permission, if granted is only given for one term.

In the event of your child not being able to attend a sports lesson please inform Faiza at reception by 09h00, for the attention of Roy Davids. Alternatively you can send a written letter with your child.

This is especially important when going up to Wynberg Sports Club or WPED Wynberg or playing a match at another venue. Absence from sport without informing the relevant parties will necessitate disciplinary action.

Sports Uniform

The high school sports uniform comprises any plain (no logos, prints or stripes please) T-shirt and tracksuit pants, leggings or shorts in navy blue, dark green, black or white. Takkies or proper sports shoes are required. Hoodies or tops with buttons or zips are not allowed. Please also note that only blue or black T-shirts may be worn for Table Tennis.

Failure to comply with the sports policy and appropriate school dress code will result in the student being issued with one verbal warning which will be recorded by the school administrator; second offenses will result in written warning letters. Continued offenses could result in suspension. Please support your child and help them to show the appropriate responsibility.

Sport codes will be chosen on Tuesday 18 April.

Sport will start on Monday 24 April and end on Wednesday 21 June.

Please contact Claudia McCaig, Sports Coordinator, for any queries, help or suggestions on her cell phone 072 201 5587 or mail her at cmccaig@michaeloak.org.za