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Sports Program

  • The winter sports progamme kicks off with the return of TAG replacing mini-cricket on a Wednesday.
  • Michael Oak has joined the Inter schools cross country league again this year. Practices for classes 3 to 7 take place on a Friday afternoon at various schools in the southern suburbs. Those interested will receive an email on the previous Wednesday afternoon to confirm the venue. Please contact me for more information

Sport and rainy weather

  1. In the event of rain resulting in the cancellation of a sports practice, a group SMS will be sent out as soon as possible to advise you. Please then make every effort to collect your child at the normal end of school times. The children will stay in their classrooms until they are collected due to the limited indoor space available. (If your phone will not accept a group SMS, please find a parent in the class to forward it on.)
  2. If it is not pouring with rain, practice will continue. Any parent who doesn’t want their child playing outside on a cold, damp day, can come and collect them at normal end of school times. This is your decision.
  3. Tennis is run by an outside company and is played on courts in Rondebosch. If they cancel, you will be sent an SMS and must collect your child directly at school closing – there are no coaches to watch or supervise the children.
  4. Aftercare offers a sports rate of R48 for 45 min including a meal. This may be an option on a rainy day when you can’t manage to come and collect earlier.

Sports Uniform

The winter sports uniform comprises; blue or white compulsory Michael Oak sports t-shirt – with the option of a dark blue, white or dark green top underneath – worn with either white or blue shorts or navy blue, white or black tracksuit pants/leggings. Takkies or proper sports shoes must be worn. Please fill in the reply slip and return to school by Friday the 25th April. All sports and extra–curricular murals begin in the week starting Tuesday 29th April. Should you have any queries or suggetions please don’t hestiate to contact me at school between 11am and 2pm (021 797 9728) or to email me. For urgent messages please SMS my cell.

Yours in sports Claudia McCaig