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News (ie Blog) and Events is a single section in current website as follows:
News and Events

  • News Board
  • Calendar
  • Leaflet
  • The 50 Year Book

For this website they are different sections

Blog (News section):

  • Blogs can be categorised e.g. News Board and Leaflet (and perhaps Fair, Green, other..)


  • This section will have Events module and Calendar.
  • Calendar for everything - note: use Details on Google Calendar to provide a lot more info and insight to the actual events (this applies to current site as well)
  • Events module for special occasions - blurb, pic
  • Ability to 'feature' event so it appears in a featured list on homepage or elsewhere
  • The Fair becomes just an event in this section (separate pages section or site ... can be done also)
  • Where does the 50Year book go..?