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Leaflet 20 24 June 2016

 Dear Parents, Colleagues and Friends,

The last week of term, the week of the festival of St John, is finally upon us – a time of turning inwards to gather the light we seek to shine outwards. The classrooms have been a hive of creativity, desks covered with cut cardboard, bits of tissue paper and glue, as busy fingers produce colourful windows for the festival flames to shine through.

Tired teachers enjoy the winding down of the term towards precious time to devote to self and family, to recharge and prepare for the term ahead. The familiar songs for the festival warm the cold morning air, spiced with anticipation of the holiday ahead. We carry the image of our children encircling the blazing fire, faces lit by the flames, with a solid ring of parents around them, witnessing and partaking in the event. Dancing sparks carry our song high above our school, right up to the stars in the wide night sky. Our voices carry across the flames to one another as we unite together in the moment. And looking around, we know with gratitude why we are here.

May the festival flame accompany you into the winter holiday, and may it long glow in the memories of those whose journeys are leading them elsewhere – our beloved Delia, Jane Durham and Anande. We will miss you! We wish you all a happy and rejuvenating holiday, and a safe return to school on Monday 18 July.

Ann Kantey

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